Two Rivers Health & Wellness Center



At Two Rivers Health & Wellness Center, we perform the most recently developed surgical care such as LPRF (Leukocyte and Platelet Rich Fibrin).  This allows patients to have accelerated healing by up to 50%, reduces the risk of infection, aids in preventing dry sockets, and does so without using any foreign materials. This procedure is performed by drawing the patient’s own blood into a test tube. That tube is then placed in a centrifuge that is spun, separating the red blood cells from the fibrin. Thus leaving a golden, jelly-like substance, (liquid gold) to be placed into the socket of the extracted tooth. 

Platelet-rich fibrin or L-PRF is a yellow jello-like mixture of fibrin, platelets, white blood cells, stem cells, and bone growth factors. The natural material is fabricated from the patient's blood. Prior to a surgical procedure such as wisdom teeth removal, implant surgery or bone grafting, blood is drawn from the patient's arm the same as is done for blood testing in a medical doctor’s office. The platelet fibrin material is derived from spinning blood in a centrifuge at 2700 RPM for 13 minutes. The novel natural bone treatment is a great service for any biological surgeon doing oral surgeon services with a natural and holistic approach. The holistic platelet treatment is a much better alternative to sending patients home with a naked bony extraction socket or implant site. In many cases, PRF treatment has been proven to be much more effective than gum and bone graft products purchased alone.


L-PRF naturally improves bone healing after dental implant surgery, wisdom teeth removal, and bone grafting procedures. PRF is made by drawing a small amount of patient blood and spinning it in a centrifuge.  There are no blood additives or chemicals. Only extracts from the patient's blood were drawn just before the surgical procedures. L-PRF is a yellow jello-like mixture of white blood cells, fibrin, platelets, stem cells and bone morphogenic proteins. The platelet treatment is placed during oral surgery procedures into bony defects of the jaw such as extraction sockets.


  • occupy space in bony holes (tooth extraction sites, surgical implant sites) to prevent gum tissue from growing into bone
  • prevents infection with a lot of white blood cells in PRF
  • bone growth factors such as BMP (bone morphogenic protein) promote the rapid growth of high-quality new bone tissue.