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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)


Did you know your hormone levels begin to drop at around 35 years old?!? Do you remember when 40 was considered “Over the Hill”? Now 60 is the new 30! Keeping the mind and body youthful despite decades of life requires a comprehensive program of nutrition, lifestyle, botanical (herbal) medicine, bio-identical hormones, targeted amino acid, and vitamin and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapies.

Using blood testing and the highest quality products and techniques, Dr. Lins will help you to optimize your health. Women have very obvious menopausal changes, but Men also experience of "change of life" leading to decreased enjoyment of life and disruption of activities they once pursued.

What are the advantages of using HRT?

  • menopausal symptoms are addressed
  • maintenance of bone density
  • increased sex drive
  • losing weight
  • increasing muscle mass
  • helping with sleep
  • improved mood

What is the advantage of pellets over creams & shots?

Pellets help you avoid the fluctuations of hormones delivered by a different method. When you apply a cream or gel obviously it can be rubbed off by your clothing, another person, pet or sweating. Injections cause the blood levels to spike & then drop off. This is not the natural rise and fall of hormones. Pellets allow for release based on your own body metabolism. The more active you are the more hormone is released to support your activity levels. It is not time released. When you rest the body is not being overstimulated. No need for daily or weekly treatment as pellets are replaced every 4-6 months in office.

Qualgen Pellets

Aren't hormones dangerous?

There is confusion in the medical literature between synthetic hormones (progestin vs progesterone , Premarin vs estradiol) and natural or bio-identical hormones. Studies have proven that synthetic hormones cause breast cancer, uterine cancer and heart disease. Natural (from a plant or animal) or bio-identical hormones (exactly the same biochemically as the hormones your body makes) cannot cause these diseases when used in proper physiological levels. However, hormones can cause an existing cancer to grow. It is important to have proper testing to rule out the presence of cancer and to consider past medical history and family history.

What if I don't want hormone therapy but do want anti-aging & rejuvenation?

Herbs can have hormone like effects on the body, but will not change hormone levels. It is possible to alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats with plant remedies instead of using estrogen or progesterone. Likewise we can improve male function with herbs without an increase in testosterone.