Two Rivers Health & Wellness Center

PRP Facial Rejuvenation


Dr. Nancy Lins is proud to offer the latest advances in aesthetics using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for both facial rejuvenation and hair restoration. Known also as the “Vampire Facial®” or “PRP Blood facial” – PRP combined with microneedling and/or injection is a safe, non-surgical procedure that rejuvenates aging skin by restoring skin tone, texture, and volume.

The process involves drawing blood with a butterfly needle and isolating the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) using a centrifuge. This serum is then injected back into the skin and uses your own platelets and growth factors to trigger new collagen production that results in tighter, smoother and younger-looking skin with less downtime and faster healing.

Why is PRP different from filler?

Platelet Rich Plasma is your own blood, which is spun to remove the white and red blood cells. When injected into the body it will become the tissue into which you inject. For example, women may have filler (hyaluronic acid) which is natural injected into the face to create fullness. The body will eat the filler and it will need to be repeated in four to six months. With PRP, the body is stimulated with its own stem cells to create more collagen and growth factors. After six to eight weeks, the improvement can be evaluated and treatment repeated to build upon the progress from the first therapy. Generally, after three treatments, the patient will only need a touch up once or twice a year to keep the skin rejuvenated. This is much different from continually filling and deflating the skin with filler.